image Consultancy services

We offer a full range of cyber security advisory services aligned to international best practice guidance. Experts can guide your organization through the process providing scoping, risk assessment, gap analysis, mitigation advice, technical and operational design & implementation, document creation, and project management.

image Customized Services

We provide proactive advice and recommendations to improve security posture tailored to your organization’s needs , including both standard missions (GRC, Audit, Pentesting,...) and specific missions (vCISO, CSO/CISO advisory,  Civil aviation cybersecurity/integrating cybersecurity into AVSEC, ...)

image converged security

Security convergence is the practice of integrating physical security and information security within organizations rather than siloing teams and strategies, including Risk convergence, Organisational convergence, Solutions convergence (unified security)




Expert advice, Unrivalled support and ongoing assistance to address your organisation’s security.

Our security experts, certified to the highest levels across multiple industry standards will help you develop a strategy and actionable security roadmap aligned to your business goals, with optimized security controls, , policies, procedures and framework.

Our Mission

Gain a trusted security advisor, Align security risk to business objectives, Manage risks and achieve compliance goals, Be ready for what’s next

Our Vision

Improve overall security posture Optimize security, Strategy and investments, Accelerate security transformation

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